2.Installing Required Software for the Node

2.1 Download the Node Installation Package

Please stay tuned!​Please install step by step, choosing 'Next' by default (except for the virtual sound card):

It is recommended to use 7zip software for extraction; download the 64-bit Windows x64 version. And rename the extracted folder to 'miner'.

2.2 Install VC Runtime Library

VC Runtime Library(miner\software\VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe)

2.3 Install DX Runtime

After installation, it is necessary to detect and repair any issues.Launch'miner\software\DirectX_Repair-Eng\DirectX Repair.exe'.​

2.4 Text Editor: Notepad++

Virtual Audio Card Driver (miner\software\VirtualAudioCable\setup64.exe)

2.5 Install the virtual audio card

The setup64.exe, and click 'Next' until the installation is complete.

Select: "I am an advanced user, give me additional options."

2.6 Launch the Virtual Audio Card Control Panel (vcctlpan.exe) with administrator privileges

2.7 Modify the driver parameter value to "2"

Click 'Set' ,then click 'Restart Audio Engine.'

2.8 Left-click on the volume icon on the Windows desktop

If it displays as shown in the figure below, the configuration is successful.

2.9 Finally, set up Windows services to start automatically

Launch the Windows Service application, search for "Services" in the search box, find Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint, right-click on each, open the menu, and set the Startup Type in their properties to "Automatic" (if it is already set to automatic, no action is needed).Node port openings: TCP: 10002, UDP: 10011-10040

2.10 Run 'miner\config.bat'

After completing the above steps, run 'miner\config.bat'

If the control panel displays the following information, it indicates success.

2.11 Click "Continue"

If the environment check is normal, it indicates successful startup.​

*Proceed to the next step. If the environment check is normal, the startup is successful. If the startup fails, please refer to the 【Guide to Common Issues】 for step-by-step troubleshooting and then restart the service.

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