About network access

1.What to do if there is an accidental exit during the operation?

If you accidentally exit within the login time, you can refresh the webpage, click the application again, and log in again.

2.What to do if there is a network interruption during access?

If the following prompt appears, it is due to an error in the visitor's network status causing a service interruption. However, the network protocol will not be interrupted, so there will be no refund of $HYPT.You can refresh the page to re-enter.

3.What to do when notified that Epoch is about to end?

If you are currently in editing mode and receive this notification, please save the content you are editing as soon as possible. After the time expires, repurchase the Epoch service.

4. What should I do if the allocated time is used up?

You can go back to the HyperAGI homepage and repurchase Epoch services.

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