About wallets

1.Supported Wallets

Mainstream wallets like MetaMask 、Coinbase、Rabby Wallet etc.

*It is recommended to use the MetaMask Wallet for authorization operations. In testing, MetaMask Wallet has shown faster callback times during authorization, providing a better user experience.

2.Can I change my wallet?

You can disconnect one wallet from your Hyperdust account and connect another. This might be helpful in situations such as:

-Your wallet is compromised.

- You want to switch to a different type of wallet with other advantages or benefits.

- You initially used a beginner-friendly wallet and are now ready to migrate to a more advanced wallet.​

For security reasons, a wallet on Hyperdust can only be connected to one account.

You cannot connect a wallet that has been used on a different account on Hyperdust. However, if needed, you can reconnect the wallet to the same account.​

3.Will disconnecting the wallet delete anything?

Disconnecting the wallet will only remove access to wallet data through the Hyperdust website and software.

- It will not delete your Hyperdust account.

- It will not delete the connected wallet.

- If available, you can still access the wallet through the wallet provider's website, browser extension, or app.

- It will not delete any digital assets you own.

- You can still find your tokens in the wallet and view them on external markets.

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